DCCCO: 50 years of Synergy, Compassion and Empowerment
William E. Ablong

DCCCO: 50 years of synergy, compassion, and empowerment
 is this year’s theme as it celebrates its  launch of operations in 1968. 

The words were meticulously chosen to represent what the Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative has stood for in the last 50 years.

Synergy. DCCCO is all about collaboration, cooperation, group effort, partnerships, and alliances. 

Compassion. DCCCO follows God’s wisdom of ‘helping those who are willing to help themselves.’ The cooperative does not believe in dole-outs, it believes in teaching a man how to fish and never on how to merely get fish.

Empowerment. DCCCO’s assistance always allows people to take charge of their lives, gives them power to reach for whatever dream they are trying to achieve, make possible the things that have been previously seen by them as “very impossible” to happen

Today, DCCCO is viewed not just as a source of financial help. It has become the pastoral response that reaches out to members from all walks of life, training, guiding, counseling, witnessing the Gospel values, sharing the human and material resources for  a balanced development. It has made its members lives comfortable, fulfilling, and dignified.

In 2013, DCCCO created and launched its five-year development program which was translated into the “Go for Gold” thrust.  Go for Gold, rooted in faith and in the vision/mission of the Founders, rejuvenates its promise to give its utmost best towards total human transformation, uplifting people’s quality of life and providing them authentic freedom. Go for Gold develops the Coop’s improved systems and procedures acclimatized to present high-tech challenges. It is the Coop’s battle cry to strengthen compassionate service.Go for Gold is the Coop’s way of extolling God and His creations.
To recapitulate what Go for Gold stands for:
Good Governance 
(Professionalization - Offices and Staff)
Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness 
(Compliance of industry performance standards as set by CDA and other agencies)
Financial Literacy
(Member education/training and creation of wealth-  building products for members)
Owner/Member Empowerment and Involvement
(Assessment of co-op's impact on the lives of members)
Reduction of Delinquency
(Implementation of preventive and curative measures)
Growth in Membership
(12% increase and reaching out to more people and communities through opening of  branches)    
Outreach Programs and Community Development
Linkages and Networking
Diversification of Products/Services and Development of Brand (ACCESS)

One highlight that must be added to the cooperative’s continuous quest for quality service not just to its members but to all its stakeholders is its success in bringing about the tax exemption of cooperative members’ interest on deposits. It is actually a milestone in cooperative history. The way it has maintained its strong presence in the community through its sound and prudent operations, good governance and Social Performance Management projects and programs, shored up the public’s trust in cooperatives. 

Moreover, the cooperative’s officers and leaders have proven themselves to be consistently unfaltering and resolute in taking Coop to greater heights with its members in mind. True to its mission of serving the unbanked and geared toward inclusive growth, the Coop has continued its task of bringing its services where these are needed. It has eve partnered with the Department of Social Welfare & Development in providing financial education and skills training to the beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program in the province of Negros Oriental. 

DCCCO’s extraordinary growth can be attributed to the unswerving approval and unshakable trust of its loyal members who consider it as their cooperative of choice. The challenge is for its leaders to sustain the growth and never to rest on the cooperative’s accolades.

As we know, history’s value rests not on the retention of dates and names but on the retelling of the “why” of events. In a world of constant change, DCCCO continues to fulfill the dream of its innovators as its members recollect the past with gratitude, living the present with truthfulness, and shaping the future with discernment, good judgment, and faith.

Together and by God’s grace, all of us in DCCCO will continue to soar and achieve more.