• The Humble Beginning
  The Founders:
DCCCO Founders
Mother Marcela Foret, O'Carm
the Elementary Principal of the Dumaguete Cathedral College (DCC) now Colegio de Santa Catalina de Alejandria (COSCA)
Most Rev. Epifanio B. Surban
first Bishop of the Diocese of Dumaguete
Gov. Mariano Perdices
former Governor of Negros Oriental

  The Incorporators:
Isidro Alcoran Leopoldo Maputi Sr.
Gregorio Bendanillo Emiliano A. Onoon
Agripino Briones Isabelo Patrocinio
Angelo Caballes Eliseo Rocamora
Restituta Cariño Restituto Sinco
Josefina Dy Martina M. Surban
Amando Guilatco Patricio Tornandizo
Rodrigo Trasmonte  

  The Chapter Members:
Urbana Canlas Felicitas Infante Patricia Honculada
Restituta Cariño Flavia Larena Julio Sy
Carmen Gloria Simeona Umbac Amando Guilatco
Honorata Mongcupa Jose Babol Felix Honculada
Pahita Artes Maximiana Villaflores Isidro Alcoran
Belen Catalan Anastacio Supil Leopoldo Maputi, Sr.
Annie Jalandoni Apolinario Supil, Sr. Eliseo Rocamora
Candelaria Pastor Restituta Rutherford Procopio G. Paloma
Isabelo Patrocinio Agripino Briones Tomas Dago-oc
Martina Surban Angelo Caballes Thadeu Bolodo
Josefina Dy Luzviminda Espiritu Adela Bolodo
Emiliano Ono-on Sylvia Flores Gregorio Bendanillo
Rodrigo Trasmonte Ernesto Tumacole Patricio Tornandizo
Sisters of Mt. Carmel Felicisima Moreno Epifania Alejandria
Sixto Sunogan Restituto Sinco Thelma Bauzon
Adoracion Moncupa Patria Fortich  
Norberta Saludar Bishop Epifanio Surban  

  The Why of its Existence:  
  • Felt need brought about by socio-economic difficulties and painful/dehumanizing effects of poverty and exploitation.
  • Urgent need to liberate a group of parents from the clutches of loan sharks for the educational needs of their children/students at Dumaguete Cathedral College (DCC), now Colegio de Santa Catalina de Alejandria (COSCA).

  Initial Data upon Registration:  
  • Membership           -   49 members (inclusive of 15 incorporators)
  • Capital                     -   PhP 1,181.50
  • Management Staff  -   all volunteers and officers 

  Significant Dates:  
February 17, 1968
Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative Union (DCCCU) was formally organized

August 5, 1969
Registered with Cooperative Administration Office under RA 2023

September 25, 1975
Registered with the Bureau of Cooperative Development (BCOD) under PD 175

April 15, 1991
Confirmation of registration by the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) under RA 6938

June 17, 2011
Granted approval as Multipurpose Cooperative under RA 9520