DCCCO Members or their representatives may deposit and/or pay loan  obligations in any of the following depository Banks:

1. Rural Banks in Negros Oriental:

            • Rural Bank of Amlan
            • Rural Bank of Bacong-Dumaguete Main Office
            • Rural Bank of Bacong-Bacong Branch
            • Rural Bank of Pamplona - Main Office
            • Rural Bank of Pamplona-San Jose Branch

2. Commercial Banks:

Account Name:  DCCCO Multipurpose Cooperative (DCCCO)

        Depository Bank      Savings Account No.
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) 1083 - 0151 – 67
Allied Banking Corporation (ABC) 0810 - 24973 - 2
Philippine National Bank (PNB) 289254600032
Metro Bank and Trust Company (MBTC) 110-3-11059465-9
Banco de Oro (BDO) 3400061217
China Banking Corporation (CBC)  198-101941-0
United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) 301-118738-0
Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP)  0292-1035-14
Bank of Commerce (BOC) 036-20-003521-1
Eastwest Bank (EWB) 240-02-00056-1
Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) 0047-008130-100


Instructions for Deposits to Commercial Banks Only:

  1. On the day of deposit, sender/depositor is requested to send details of the deposit made via text, e-mail or fax message.

  2. Information to be contained in the text, e-mail or fax message must be the following:
    • Complete Name of Sender/Depositor
    • Amount Deposited
    • Date of Deposit
    • Name of Depository Bank
    • Complete Name of Receiver/Beneficiary
    • Purpose of Deposit

  3. Sender/Depositor may send details through :
    • DCCCO Cell No   : (0915) 785-3635
    • E-mail Address    :
    • Fax No                    : (035) 422-4493 / 422 - 5131

  4. DCCCO is obligated to post the deposit only on the following working day after the deposit was made upon receipt of a text, email or fax message.

  5. In the absence of the text, e-mail or fax message specifying the required details, DCCCO will not update any passbook.

  6. If the sender/depositor does not receive reply or call from DCCCO, it means that no message was received by the Cooperative and so, the details must be sent again.

  7. The deposit made from places outside the Philippines is reflected on the bank passbook after three to five banking days while those sent within the country are credited to the account of DCCCO on the day of deposit.