A Journey on a Mission towards a Vision
    (The DCCCO Story)

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  • Strengthening DCCCO's Passion for Quality Service & Care


We reminisce and treasure ...

  • the heart-warming story of our DCCCO beginning, a story of the Founders' love and sensitivity to the needs of the marginalized and to liberate them from the clutches of poverty,

  • the multi-faceted milestone of our DCCCO journey, fraught with beautiful memories and enriching experiences.

We rejoice and are grateful ...

  • for the many blessings we received and shared, and the varied value-laden opportunities we enjoyed,

  • for the spiritual guidance, enormous support, sincere commitment of our leaders and whole-hearted cooperation of all members,

  • for enabling many of our members to provide for their basic needs, education for children and uplift the quality of their lives,

  • for all the success we have achieved despite the growing pains we have experienced.

We renew and reaffirm ...

  • our commitment to care for the have-less and to guide DCCCO members and their communities towards the achievement of socio-spiritual transformation and authentic freedom,

  • our pledge to move steadily forward towards our Golden Jubilee celebration and beyond,

  • We rally everybody to Go for GOLD, Go for GLORY, Go for GOD.
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