Music : Msgr. Rudy Villanueva
Lyrics : Atty. Juditho Agan & Msgr. Rudy Villanueva
Sung by : Bishop Lito Cortes

In the land of gentle people you were born
And made our toil and hardship your own.
Like a hero in battle you led in the struggle
And share in the new life that we have won.

You are tower of financial excellence
And made for us a world of difference.
Your mission is of God, be proud yet be humble
You are but a channel of His love.

Whole crowds find shelter beneath your wings
All the countryside call you their pride.
You’re the reason for this joyful season,
Why the populace now sings.

Now as of old, your Founders’ spirit guides you still
As you go your mission to fulfill.
Ever stable, ever strong, go confidently, go,
Our precious DCCCO!

As we have watched your years of struggle disappear,
We now see a future bright and clear.
Ever stable, ever strong, go confidently, go
Our precious, our ever gracious DCCCO, DCCCO!



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